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Spray Tans

Your #1 Tanning Salon

Our spray tan solution is designed to suit any skin tone.  The instant bronzer develops beautifully.  It's more than just a spray tan - the skin firming formula helps to rejuvenate the skin, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.  The anti-oxidant solution aids in reducing any daily skin damage.


 If there’s a wedding, party or event in your future — or if you’re simply ready to get pampered — give us a call today!

Meet Ashley - our Master Certified Spray Tan Artist


Appointment Reservation - PLEASE Make an appointment by calling 770-387-1064.  There is a $30 reservation fee to ensure you get your desired date & time.  This reserve fee will come off of the spray cost when you come for your scheduled appointment.  Should you decided not to come, change your mind or reschedule - the reserve fee is nonrefundable.

•SHOWER - No Hot Showers!
 •No Lotion, No Perfume, No Jewelry
•No Deodorant - If you wear it or use a lot - There will be discoloration under the ARMS (Green Like Color)
•Wear Loose/Dark Long Sleeve & Pants + Flip Flops (Flip-flops are easier to carry, You will Tip-Toe Out)
•Men - Make sure you wear gym shorts for your spray tan (You will be able to roll up if needed)
•IF NO SHORTS = NO Spray Tan

•A warm water WASH-N-RINSE after 8-12 Hrs for Regular/ 4-6 Hrs for Rapid/ 1-4 hrs for Skin Changer- or as directed from your Certified Spray Tan Technician. Our TWILIGHT/Skin Changer develops color quickly and is our most purchased spray.
•1st SHOWER RINSE- Is just that - Circular Motions the first 3/4 Mins ALL OVER - No Need for Body Wash- This is to be done in Circular Motions taking off the bronzer (top layer)  *NOTE: This is to rinse CLEAR then get out and pat dry and apply a MOISTURIZER heavily.  WEAR: PJ material thin and breathable - long sleeves & pants.
•Washing entire body in circular motions - No Loofah, Sponge or Wash Cloth while Spray Tan is On.
•Use a PH BALANCED +Sulfate Free Body Wash with Hydrating ingredients - This will keep the skin properly hydrated & Not STREAK or Splotch the Spray Tan. (VERY IMPORTANT) Difficult to FIND - We keep many options at the Salon.
•Moisturize - A Tan Extending Moisturizer will keep skin hydrated throughout the day, also aids to the tan to fade evenly.
 (use ONLY Salon recommendation for the Guarantee!)​

We’re waiting for you!

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